Why Pharma Congress 2018 at Warsaw ?


Pharma Congress 2018     October 18-19, 2018  | Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland.  It’s an amazing city with population officially estimated at 1.750 million residents. Warsaw is dynamic metropolitan city along with other significant cities in Europe. Its significant cultural, political and economic status made many pharmaceutical companies to have their Central and Eastern European headquarters in Warsaw.

Poland possesses a network of more than 110 scientific institutions with a high number of people with university or doctorate degrees working for the pharmaceutical industry, including a significant proportion of M.D.s and pharmacists. It also has numerous researchers working in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology and molecular biotechnology. Pharmaceutical industries in Warsaw work with universities and regularly run internship programs for graduates.

Over the last 10years significant reformation has seen in mature and transparent environment in health care. Major changes were introduced in the pricing and reimbursement system, with a goal of increasing transparency, reducing drug spending, and providing higher access to innovations.

Pharmaceutical market has largely consisted of high-volume generics, a number of Polish companies have started R&D operations focused on novel molecules, innovative therapies, and biosimilar products. Poland is the largest clinical trials market and its regulatory processes are predictable and transparent.

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most efficient and successful sectors of Hungarian economy. Hungary’s geographical advantages make an  ideal base for life science companies and further expansion in this region. The most developed pharmaceutical sector in Central and Eastern Europe is highly specialized in technical development and notable exports to the global market. Several Hungarian companies have achieved international recognition with cutting edge products and technologies.

With the evolving European pharmaceutical Market in 2018, the theme of “Challenges and Opportunities in Transforming the Pharma Industry” will emphasize the diversified perspective in EU pharma R&D investment, formulation and marketing.

Pharma Congress 2018 is systematized on leading edge interdisciplinary of pharmaceutical sciences.

The major tracks are

Pharma Congress 2018 is significant platform to explore the sessions and city together.

Conference page: http://world.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/

Contact: William Steve

Program Manager

Mail: pharmacongress@pharmaceuticalconferences.org



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